All-In on ProtonMail

Let’s just say my email situation is not optimal… It’s grown historically. A long time ago, when my domain-buying habit started, I started to use different email addresses for all sorts of things. To make it even worse I also used aliases for some things. I probably thought having some sort of hierarchy in my addresses would help make my email management easier. Well… it didn’t. It’s a mess. I know that since a long time, but cleaning up an email system is tedious ... [Read More]


… no, I’m not starting a Kickstarter campaign about a product I will never ship. Instead I’m kickstarting yet another try to run a blog somewhat consistently. In the end it’s probably the same outcome. I won’t collect money from you first though. But lets get into the weeds: Relaunch This is the relaunch of Subject to Change. This blog existed before. Actually it’s the n-th reincarnation of something I like to call my personal blog ... [Read More]

Every Blog Needs a Start…

… and „the first page is profound“ (Merlin Mann)

This is a “tradition” on my blogs, ever since I heard Merlin Mann Talk about it on Back to Work. I start on a (ok, not so clean) clean slate and this is the start of something new again. So, here we go.

Creating a Tag-Cloud for


I may or may not be fiddling around with creating my own Hugo theme. I just can’t help it, can I? Creating custom themes is really powerful, and while some features are not accessible at the moment, you can really achieve a lot! I do like the simplicity more than the overly custom Hugo features I used in the past. I tinkered around with the tag-cloud I created in my own theme for one of my previous sites ... [Read More]

Lehrer-Bashing in der Corona Krise


Ganz ganz schwacher Kommentar in der Zeit zum Thema Home Schooling in der Krise. Ich bin immer wieder verärgert darüber wie über Lehrer hergezogen wird, daher hier ein paar schnell zusammengefügte Gedanken meinerseits. Nicht nur finde ich den Kommentar an sich haarsträubend… ich habe auch den Fehler gemacht und die Kommentare darunter gelesen. Kapitalfehler, den man niemals, bei keinem Thema, bei keinem Artikel, jemals begehen darf. Es ist schwer, das ist klar, die Ansprüche der Eltern hoch, aber da wird auf Lehrer eingedroschen die zum Großteil keine anderen Möglichkeiten haben ... [Read More]

📚 Permanent Record, by Edward Snowden


I’m not from the US… and this book makes me really, really angry. A huge part of why I need to be afraid of losing my privacy, is a foreign government that feels entitled to spy on the whole world. And for what? It’s just a sad story. This country is run by agencies that ruthlessly think they are the gods of the worlds information. Everyone else on this planet is completely and utterly at their mercy ... [Read More]

📚 New Dark Age, by James Bridle


Not sure how I like the book in general and how it is written. The message is clear though and I recommend reading it, especially when looking back over the last decade and how things changed during that time. Also a good warning heading into the next decade. While not very surprising, it provides valuable insight in how we run our world, the internet and especially how we think. We’re running in the wrong direction ... [Read More]

Playing with DokuWiki


Giving DokuWiki a shot, trying to get some order back in life as my brain stops working because of sleep deprivation 😉 I tried TiddlyWiki but I’m afraid of the performance there, since everything is in a single webpage. It’s fun to play around with various tools, but still… it’s mostly the integration I‘m missing. It’s still not fun to fiddle around with most open source tools especially when the mobile support is based on their main website ... [Read More]

Stuck on iOS


I feel more and more uncomfortable with iOS because of many reasons, some of them not even related to the system itself but everything around it. I wanted to see lately, whether I can find something else instead. I searched, but as you can imagine, there’s not that much to search for. Today it’s either Apple or Google. I tried to find a way to use Ubuntu Touch as a replacement, but as noble and cool as I might find the project and its idea, it‘s really light years away from anything real ... [Read More]

Python Easter Eggs


While learning Python I found out that there are a couple of fun easter eggs in the language itself. Something that makes it even more compelling somehow. It’s not harmful to show a little whimsy, even in a programming language. Besides the import antigravity link, the Zen of Python isn’t just fun, it also teaches you about the foundations of Python and programming in general: >>> import this The Zen of Python, by Tim Peters ... [Read More]