We need to slow down

I get it. Apple blew it! The keynote was lame as always and there was not a single awesome new thing announced. Or… was it? I thought so too! I can not remember when I was that disappointed of a WWDC keynote before. They basically completely neglected the Mac and focused only on silly teenage stickers in Messages and presented a new Music app that looked just as crappy as the one before ... [Read More]

WWDC 2016 – Apple is different

At the end of today’s WWDC keynote Apple made it clear again, that all those shiny (useless?) so-called „AI“ features everybody is talking about these days are possible without knowing every single detail about their users. They don’t want to know it and they don’t need to know it. Tell me how great your Google and Amazon boxes are, what they can do to make you even more lazy every day and that you don’t care that they know everything about you and your life and everything you do ... [Read More]

Some first thoughts on the WWDC 2015 keynote

I admit that I was very excited about this years WWDC. This might be surprising because there was no crazy new stuff expected. But I am out of the iOS/Mac developer loop since more or less 1.5 years now. I still follow the news and have a look at some things here and there, but my current job does not allow me to do any real work on the platforms I like so much ... [Read More]