End-To-End Testing using Cucumber, Frank & Kiwi – Part 1

A few days ago I was talking about Test Driven Development on the Cocoa Pulver Podcast. I mentioned that I like the idea behind TDD but that there are some quirks about it when it comes to testing view controllers (especially in Objective-C). I also mentioned Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and shortly explained the gist of it. Now I don’t want to write too much about TDD and BDD here ... [Read More]

I’m on Cocoa Pulver

You can listen to my first appearance on a podcast ever! Cocoa Pulver is a new german Podcast of osxentwicklerforum.de run by a colleague and we’re casually talking about TDD, iOS Development and even some C++! You find the episode here: TDD mit Zäpfle Make sure you listen to it and subscribe to Cocoa Pulver! It was fun to be a part of it! I hope everybody enjoys it and I didn’t tell too much crap 🙂 Let me know how you liked it! ... [Read More]