Follow-Up: ProtonMail (Bridge)

After switching to ProtonMail for various reasons I finally got the ProtonMail Bridge set up on my Mac. The web app is really fine and I could happily live with that, but I still love to have all my email in MailMate. I don’t know what took me so long… it’s so easy to set up and works great! I already had PGP set up as well, but unfortunately encrypting mails doesn’t work that way with ProtonMail ... [Read More]

All-In on ProtonMail

Let’s just say my email situation is not optimal… It’s grown historically. A long time ago, when my domain-buying habit started, I started to use different email addresses for all sorts of things. To make it even worse I also used aliases for some things. I probably thought having some sort of hierarchy in my addresses would help make my email management easier. Well… it didn’t. It’s a mess. I know that since a long time, but cleaning up an email system is tedious ... [Read More]

The Problem of Leaving Facebook


Here’s a controversial thought: social media isn’t all too bad! There’s lots of talk about how bad different social media services are these days. Twitter supports harassment, Nazis and some weirdo called „Trump“. Facebook collects every tiny bit of your life and sells it to the devil, and then there’s Google+ (wait… what?!). Everybody knows that the way these social networks evolved during the last decade is a disaster for all the known and obvious reasons that were already discussed everywhere and all the time ... [Read More]

☞ Spotify’s Creepy New Privacy Policy

I was almost convinced to stay with Spotify but its new creepy privacy policy makes me think about this again. Why would a music streaming service need my location, photos and address book?! It seems clear that they are going to sell me out to creepy third party companies to make up for the revenue they loose to competition. I’m not willing to sell me for 9,99€ each month.