Element of Crime Podcast

Element of Crime, eine meiner absoluten Lieblingsbands, hat seit neuestem einen Podcast! In Narzissen und Kakteen erzählt die Band ihre lange Geschichte: 35 Jahre, 17 Albumveröffentlichungen, über 1000 Konzerte. Im Podcast „Narzissen und Kakteen“ reden die drei ELEMENT-OF-CRIME-Musiker Sven Regener, Richard Pappik und Jakob Ilja über alles, was damit zusammenhängt: Liebe, Drama, Wahnsinn, Studios, Streits, Produzenten, Plattenfirmen, Songschreiben, Sounds, Marketing, Livekonzerte, Tourneen, Venues und vieles mehr. Album für Album gehen sie die Geschichte ihrer Band durch und erzählen vom Rock ‘n‘ Roll im Wandel der Jahrzehnte ... [Read More]

Diving Into the World of Linux Podcasts


A couple of weeks ago I decided to dive a little bit deeper into Linux and try out some new stuff. One thing I hoped would help me was to listen to some Linux Podcasts. I wanted to expose myself to the topics in this community and how the people in there think. This is a whole new world to me, as I tried Linux way back and decided it’s too complicated ... [Read More]

☞ Metallica on Song Exploder

This is awesome! Hardwired…to Self-Destruct is my album of the year 2016. It’s been quite some time since I was looking forward to an album that much. In this episode of Song Exploder – one of my favorite podcasts – James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich talk a bit about how they create their songs and in this case Moth Into Flame. If you’re a fan of Metallica, this is a great resource to listen to! ... [Read More]

☞ Cocoa Pulver Folge 14: Vom App Entwickler zum Web Entwickler und zurück

Nach mehr als 2 Jahren war ich mal wieder bei Kay zu Gast beim Cocoa Pulver Podcast. Hat mal wieder Spaß gemacht! Ein buntes Potpourris an Themen bei dem nichts ausgelassen wurde 😉 Manuel und ich diskutieren beim Kaminfeuer und kühlem Bier wie man sich neben den beruflichen Herausforderungen noch Zeit für das Lieblingshobby nehmen kann. Das meiste ist Liebhaberrei, was bei rauskommt, weiss man aber nie. Softwarequalität ist auch noch ein Thema, wir werden philosophisch mit Swift und denken über die Welt der Indie Entwickler nach ... [Read More]

☞ Boarding a plane with „Roderick on the Line“

I had planned to write a short piece about what it’s like to fly in the USA. But who could describe it any better than John Roderick and Merlin Mann on „Roderick on the Line“. It’s probably my favorite podcast out there and they nailed it again. Go listen to Episode 169: „Again with the Pie“! Boarding, not checking bags, not having room for carry-on, paying crazy amounts of money for an extra inch of legroom… All the fun things to expect when boarding an airplane ... [Read More]

☞ Recommended: The Talkshow Episode 126

In last weeks episode of The Talkshow, John Gruber and Jason Snell discuss the current state of web advertising and the „Safari is the new IE“ issue. I really recommend this episode… Both share deep knowledge in those areas. Especially Jason Snell can tell lots of stories about what went wrong with advertising at Macworld. I wish all the tech news sites would listen to this. They really have to come up with new solutions to earn their money ... [Read More]

I’m on Cocoa Pulver

You can listen to my first appearance on a podcast ever! Cocoa Pulver is a new german Podcast of osxentwicklerforum.de run by a colleague and we’re casually talking about TDD, iOS Development and even some C++! You find the episode here: TDD mit Zäpfle Make sure you listen to it and subscribe to Cocoa Pulver! It was fun to be a part of it! I hope everybody enjoys it and I didn’t tell too much crap 🙂 Let me know how you liked it! ... [Read More]