… no, I’m not starting a Kickstarter campaign about a product I will never ship. Instead I’m kickstarting yet another try to run a blog somewhat consistently. In the end it’s probably the same outcome. I won’t collect money from you first though. But lets get into the weeds: Relaunch This is the relaunch of Subject to Change. This blog existed before. Actually it’s the n-th reincarnation of something I like to call my personal blog ... [Read More]

☞ Kickstarter: Indie Microblogging

This is a great project on Kickstarter! – an open alternative to Twitter et al. Not yet another overblown “new”, closed social network built by some upper-class dingaling from Silicon Valley… With Fake News on Facebook, Twitter blocking journalists in Turkey, China blocking half of the internet, something like this is what we need… Make it easy for people to publish their stuff, without censoring or providing complete license like on Medium ... [Read More]

How And Why I do Microblogging

Some of you might have (probably not) noticed that I started writing shorter posts in the Microblogging section and cross-post them to Facebook and Twitter. If you don’t know what Microblogging means: you can compare it to Twitter or Tumblr where shorter pieces get published. It’s posting your thoughts in a very short format. No fully fledged blog posts, more like short shoutouts, giving updates or share an opinion on something for example ... [Read More]