Apple’s Future of the Mac and its Pricing

I’m a little bit worried. Apple’s keynote yesterday was great! But it was basically about every product but the Mac. Even the release date of El Capitan was only shown as an easter egg during a demo of iOS. I start to get drawn to the group of people that think the Mac has no bright future at all. Apple often said that the future of PCs is the iPad. I can see this in many scenarios and for lots of use cases this might be the right way to go ... [Read More]

☞ Browser Power Consumption

This is very interesting! When using Safari on your Macbook, you are saving more than 1 hour of battery life. Chrome, the most popular browser, is the worst after Firefox and Safari. I don’t know why everyone loves Chrome anyways. I need to use it for work because of the integrated developer tools. But besides that I can’t find a reason not to use Safari. Whenever I try another browser, I somehow can’t get used to it ... [Read More]

Security on the Mac in times of the NSA or in other words: Why do you hate me ’Murrica?!

There was a time where no one cared about security issues, viruses and the like on the Mac. Can you imagine that? They basically did not exist! If there were security issues, it was (and still is) related to either Java or Flash 99% of the time. Things have changed. Still… viruses, malware etc. are basically no problem at all. The problem today is: you have to wonder if that tool you need to work with can be downloaded without being worried that the binary was compromised by the CIA or NSA! ... [Read More]