JavaScript „IDEs“ vs. Plain Old Text Editors

No matter how often I try to use some kind of „IDE“ for JavaScript, whether it is Eclipse (it’s the worst tool out there), WebStorm or whatever there may be. I always keep coming back to a plain old text editor like TextMate, TextWrangler or BBEdit. They might not provide much code completion – if any at all – or features like that. But these are no Java applications which are slow like hell with all their plugins and frameworks and tools and views needing an incredible amount of memory ... [Read More]

Undefined is not a Function

Reasons #1, #2 and #3 why I hate JavaScript: undefined is not an object Followed by undefined is not a function Followed by Stacktrace: Uncaught [object Object] (anonymous function) Thanks for nothing! There is NO information that helps anyone to find out what went wrong and where it went wrong. It’s just nuts. I desperately want my compiled languages back. Or at least some more information like Ruby provides me if something is wrong ... [Read More]