Dreaming of Xcode on the iPad


Let’s imagine the iPad was a device for real work. You know… stuff that professionals do. Not only media consumption for fun and stuff. That’s what we’re all waiting for isn’t it? I think we’re well past that point. Not only are there lots and lots of people that do actual work on their iPad – people that are real professionals. There are less and less tasks that an iPad isn‘t capable of ... [Read More]

iOS 9 Multitasking Support for iPads

I read a lot of articles and listened to some Podcasts covering iOS 9 multitasking support on the different iPad models. It is clear that only the iPad Air 2 will support Split View, which allows you to run two apps next to each other at the same time. Sometimes the assumption is though, that also Picture in Picture and Slide Over are not supported by older devices. This is not true! ... [Read More]