… no, I’m not starting a Kickstarter campaign about a product I will never ship. Instead I’m kickstarting yet another try to run a blog somewhat consistently. In the end it’s probably the same outcome. I won’t collect money from you first though. But lets get into the weeds: Relaunch This is the relaunch of Subject to Change. This blog existed before. Actually it’s the n-th reincarnation of something I like to call my personal blog ... [Read More]

Creating a Tag-Cloud for


I may or may not be fiddling around with creating my own Hugo theme. I just can’t help it, can I? Creating custom themes is really powerful, and while some features are not accessible at the moment, you can really achieve a lot! I do like the simplicity more than the overly custom Hugo features I used in the past. I tinkered around with the tag-cloud I created in my own theme for one of my previous sites ... [Read More]

All new but still the same

Once again I recreated this blog from the ground up. It’s been very quiet around here after I had some months last year where I posted more regularly, but I still enjoy writing, whether people read it or like it or not. What I also like is always improving the way I create my content. What you see today basically looks just like the site did a few months ago, but it was completely rebuilt ... [Read More]