The Problem of Leaving Facebook


Here’s a controversial thought: social media isn’t all too bad! There’s lots of talk about how bad different social media services are these days. Twitter supports harassment, Nazis and some weirdo called „Trump“. Facebook collects every tiny bit of your life and sells it to the devil, and then there’s Google+ (wait… what?!). Everybody knows that the way these social networks evolved during the last decade is a disaster for all the known and obvious reasons that were already discussed everywhere and all the time ... [Read More]

Facebook’s obscure App-Naming

Seems like the folks over at Facebook seem not to be quite the creative ones when it comes to naming their apps: Last year they published an app called Paper. Of course, there was already an extremely well known app since a very long time back then already. Also called Paper. Yesterday, Instagram – which was famously bought by Facebook and in my opinion started the crazy run for the billions when buying small software shops – released an app called Layout ... [Read More]