Follow-Up: ProtonMail (Bridge)

After switching to ProtonMail for various reasons I finally got the ProtonMail Bridge set up on my Mac. The web app is really fine and I could happily live with that, but I still love to have all my email in MailMate. I don’t know what took me so long… it’s so easy to set up and works great! I already had PGP set up as well, but unfortunately encrypting mails doesn’t work that way with ProtonMail ... [Read More]

All-In on ProtonMail

Let’s just say my email situation is not optimal… It’s grown historically. A long time ago, when my domain-buying habit started, I started to use different email addresses for all sorts of things. To make it even worse I also used aliases for some things. I probably thought having some sort of hierarchy in my addresses would help make my email management easier. Well… it didn’t. It’s a mess. I know that since a long time, but cleaning up an email system is tedious ... [Read More]