More Than Just the Syntax


Learning a new programming language can sometimes be quite intimidating. It’s not just the syntax. If you know one programming language, you understand more or less any programming language. It’s all the things around the language itself. The whole ecosystem might be special in its own ways, maybe a little quirky to your eyes if you’re so used to some other environment for a long time. Once you’re fairly confident to move a long in one language and its ecosystem you’re used to a certain way of how things work ... [Read More]

Dreaming of Xcode on the iPad


Let’s imagine the iPad was a device for real work. You know… stuff that professionals do. Not only media consumption for fun and stuff. That’s what we’re all waiting for isn’t it? I think we’re well past that point. Not only are there lots and lots of people that do actual work on their iPad – people that are real professionals. There are less and less tasks that an iPad isn‘t capable of ... [Read More]

When Will the Last Table Be Filled

When will the last table be filled, the last button be aligned and the last label be formatted? Over and over and over and over and over again… The most „interesting“ programming problems in UI development are often only annoying nitpicky details you have to figure out because of some crappy programming language or framework or a combination of both.1 I wonder how user interface programming might evolve in the near future ... [Read More]