My reMarkable 2 Review

First things first: The reMarkable 2 is an amazing piece of technology. It’s really great to read and especially to write on it. It has some downsides and small annoyances, yes. But in general I definitely love it and enjoy using it every time I pick it up. Now the details… I have my reMarkable since about two months now. I didn’t use it as much as I would have liked, but that’s my life’s problem and none of the device ... [Read More]

☞ Psychologie: Welchen Einfluss hat die Kindheit auf die Persönlichkeit?

… eigene Introspektion sagt viel darüber aus, wer man heute ist, und wenig, wie man dazu geworden ist.

Psychologie: Welchen Einfluss hat die Kindheit auf die Persönlichkeit? -

Interessantes Thema… Ähnliches beschäftigt mich selbst immer mal wieder. Warum bin ich so wie ich bin und was gebe ich meinen Kindern davon mit? Klingt nach einem lesenswerten Buch.

📚 Permanent Record, by Edward Snowden


I’m not from the US… and this book makes me really, really angry. A huge part of why I need to be afraid of losing my privacy, is a foreign government that feels entitled to spy on the whole world. And for what? It’s just a sad story. This country is run by agencies that ruthlessly think they are the gods of the worlds information. Everyone else on this planet is completely and utterly at their mercy ... [Read More]

📚 New Dark Age, by James Bridle


Not sure how I like the book in general and how it is written. The message is clear though and I recommend reading it, especially when looking back over the last decade and how things changed during that time. Also a good warning heading into the next decade. While not very surprising, it provides valuable insight in how we run our world, the internet and especially how we think. We’re running in the wrong direction ... [Read More]