… no, I’m not starting a Kickstarter campaign about a product I will never ship. Instead I’m kickstarting yet another try to run a blog somewhat consistently. In the end it’s probably the same outcome. I won’t collect money from you first though. But lets get into the weeds: Relaunch This is the relaunch of Subject to Change. This blog existed before. Actually it’s the n-th reincarnation of something I like to call my personal blog ... [Read More]

Every Blog Needs a Start…

… and „the first page is profound“ (Merlin Mann)

This is a “tradition” on my blogs, ever since I heard Merlin Mann Talk about it on Back to Work. I start on a (ok, not so clean) clean slate and this is the start of something new again. So, here we go.

Creating a Tag-Cloud for


I may or may not be fiddling around with creating my own Hugo theme. I just can’t help it, can I? Creating custom themes is really powerful, and while some features are not accessible at the moment, you can really achieve a lot! I do like the simplicity more than the overly custom Hugo features I used in the past. I tinkered around with the tag-cloud I created in my own theme for one of my previous sites ... [Read More]

The Problem of Leaving Facebook


Here’s a controversial thought: social media isn’t all too bad! There’s lots of talk about how bad different social media services are these days. Twitter supports harassment, Nazis and some weirdo called „Trump“. Facebook collects every tiny bit of your life and sells it to the devil, and then there’s Google+ (wait… what?!). Everybody knows that the way these social networks evolved during the last decade is a disaster for all the known and obvious reasons that were already discussed everywhere and all the time ... [Read More]

Follow Up: "Why I Failed at Blogging"


It hasn’t been too long until I got the first couple of responses to my last post! First of all it’s great to see people reacting to what I write. It makes me think I’m on the right path here. (Shush if you don’t think so 😉) Manton picked up on the part about caring too much about the stats: If all that drives you is the number of likes on a tweet, or subscribers to your podcast, it’s easy to get discouraged when the numbers don’t pan out ... [Read More]

Why I Failed at Blogging


One of the biggest purposes of my blog is to improve my writing and find out in which direction I should go with it. Now that I have a vague idea of some rules I like to set for myself and this site, I wondered how I could make it work this time. I had a couple of blogs in the past, all of which are offline now. I wrote in bursts… there might be a few months where I posted a lot, but then there would be silence for the rest of the year ... [Read More]

A Blog Definition


You do what? What is blogging? But... Why? I don‘t get it. I had some conversations like this in the past. “Normal people“ don‘t understand why anybody would take a relatively large amount of time to write about whatever and put it somewhere on the internet, exposing themselves, giving away a lot of private information. Should I try to explain it to them? Would they understand? I know about all the good reasons for blogs, microblogs, adding and owning content etc ... [Read More]



Ever since I learned the Swedish language for my time at a university in this beautiful country, there was one word that especially spoke to me. It probably is the word that describes the Swedish culture the best. It’s not just a word… it’s a way of life, a way of thinking. I somehow feel connected to it.

... [Read More]

You Enter the Void...

This is the end of the second life of this blog including the mirrored posts that were originally posted to my now differently used It was and still is reincarnated in different ways, on different domains… a lot of history was already lost in some grave of data on some server not existing anymore. You’re now entering the first revovered initial version with some older posts from a different life ... [Read More]

All new but still the same

Once again I recreated this blog from the ground up. It’s been very quiet around here after I had some months last year where I posted more regularly, but I still enjoy writing, whether people read it or like it or not. What I also like is always improving the way I create my content. What you see today basically looks just like the site did a few months ago, but it was completely rebuilt ... [Read More]