Why Should the User Know?


Users are stupid! Or… are they? Who declares what a user should know and be able to do? Designers? Developers? Product Managers? The answer is simple: The user declares what he or she knows and is able to do. But we, the ones who build stuff they should use, tend to think that the user is the problem if there is a problem with a feature. Nilay Patel wrote a piece on The Verge the other day: ... [Read More]


This is something I wanted to write about since quite some time. When you look at the App Store today, there are so many apps available… It’s very difficult to find the one that solves your problem and solves it well. There is something for everything! But since quite some time I get the feeling that the number of actual new things is getting lower. Somehow you saw and used everything ... [Read More]

Facebook’s obscure App-Naming

Seems like the folks over at Facebook seem not to be quite the creative ones when it comes to naming their apps: Last year they published an app called Paper. Of course, there was already an extremely well known app since a very long time back then already. Also called Paper. Yesterday, Instagram – which was famously bought by Facebook and in my opinion started the crazy run for the billions when buying small software shops – released an app called Layout ... [Read More]

☞ Was kostet eine App?

Ich werde oft gefragt, was es denn koste eine App zu entwickeln. “Die muss gar nicht viel machen” heißt es dann meist. Nur haben die wenigsten auch nur eine vage Vorstellung davon was “gar nicht viel machen” an immensem Aufwand mit sich bringt. ☞ Dieser Artikel wird einige vll. überraschen. Wenn man sich diese Zahlen anschaut und mit den Preisen im App Store vergleicht kann einem eigentlich nur schwindelig werden ... [Read More]