I Think I'm Out of This


This might just be another brain fart and/or a moment of madness (maybe even sadness?), but considering what’s going on in this world, the products Apple builds and the audience they are built for… I think I’m backing out of this business. When I look around me, when I read the news or watch reports on TV, I see a degressive world in pain with problems getting worse each day. I just can’t reconcile all of this with my conscience ... [Read More]

☞ How to treat your cables

How to take care of your cables… these could be exactly my words. I never had a single issue with any power cable at all, I don’t know what people are doing: I won’t speculate why my friends’ cables are so often yellowed, sticky, etc. … I have to confess, though, I always have to struggle to empathize with people over their cord issues, because in the many years I’ve been using Apple products, I’ve never had a single cord fail on me ... [Read More]

Swift and its Day-to-Day Problems

I recently got back into Mac development in my job (which by the way makes be incredibly happy, but this is another story). I get to work on a cool project for which I decided to go with Swift as the development language. I’m a long time Objective-C user and know a lot of amazing stuff you can do with it. I admit that I might have done some things in the past that might make some people out there very anxious, but that’s how the Objective-C world rolls ... [Read More]

We need to slow down

I get it. Apple blew it! The keynote was lame as always and there was not a single awesome new thing announced. Or… was it? I thought so too! I can not remember when I was that disappointed of a WWDC keynote before. They basically completely neglected the Mac and focused only on silly teenage stickers in Messages and presented a new Music app that looked just as crappy as the one before ... [Read More]

WWDC 2016 – Apple is different

At the end of today’s WWDC keynote Apple made it clear again, that all those shiny (useless?) so-called „AI“ features everybody is talking about these days are possible without knowing every single detail about their users. They don’t want to know it and they don’t need to know it. Tell me how great your Google and Amazon boxes are, what they can do to make you even more lazy every day and that you don’t care that they know everything about you and your life and everything you do ... [Read More]

Why f.lux and Night Shift on iOS will change your life too

A few weeks ago, Apple released the beta version of iOS 9.3 and announced a feature they named Night Shift. This feature adjusts the screen colors of your iPhone or iPad to a softer and warmer range in the evening and to a normal hard, blueish color during daytime. This is nothing new and it is certainly not invented by Apple. The one tool that got the ball rolling is called f ... [Read More]

Apple’s Future of the Mac and its Pricing

I’m a little bit worried. Apple’s keynote yesterday was great! But it was basically about every product but the Mac. Even the release date of El Capitan was only shown as an easter egg during a demo of iOS. I start to get drawn to the group of people that think the Mac has no bright future at all. Apple often said that the future of PCs is the iPad. I can see this in many scenarios and for lots of use cases this might be the right way to go ... [Read More]

iOS 9 Multitasking Support for iPads

I read a lot of articles and listened to some Podcasts covering iOS 9 multitasking support on the different iPad models. It is clear that only the iPad Air 2 will support Split View, which allows you to run two apps next to each other at the same time. Sometimes the assumption is though, that also Picture in Picture and Slide Over are not supported by older devices. This is not true! ... [Read More]