Hi! Thanks for visiting my humble blog! My name is Manuel an I write stuff here. I’m a software developer mostly focussing on iOS these days, but dabbling in other areas here and there from time to time. That means that it might get a bit technical here, but most likely you will read my thoughts about something I like, that interests or bothers me and this can be a wide variety of topics. Politics, Privacy, Technology, Music… anything is possible. Most of the posts will be written in English, but since I am German and there are things that are only interesting to a German speaking audience, you will also find a few such posts. While I like writing things on the internet, I don’t think there’s much need for more personal information than necessary. Keeping a little of my OpSec, if you will. A tiny bit of insight can be found on my /Now page. A quick intro to the content of this site can be found under my Favorites.

Oh by the way… In times of corporate and legal stupidity, I probably have to write this as well: I’m trying to avoid talking about the company I work for in public, since it really does not matter to any of my writing. Just in case someone finds out for which company I’m working: What I write is about me and my opinion and not in any way related my employer. The other legal jibber jabber can be found here.