10 Years

It’s been that long now. 6 years ago I wrote about 4 Years. I was transitioning into a new role and it meant a lot of adjustments for me during that time. And as it happens, it’s again a period of major changes while I write these lines.

10 years ago today was the last day at my old job. Everything in this old post is still true. I still miss these old days. Even more so I miss my old friends. I have a family now, which makes going back home a little more cumbersome and rare. The pandemic does it’s part and thus I haven’t seen most of these old friends from back then in a very very long time. I still think of them quite often, probably more than they realize, and I still get a little sad. It was a special bunch of people… so great! They had a huge impact on me and I will never forget all the things they taught me and how much they supported me in every step I took in these early days of my working life. This life started almost 22 years ago, which means they still lead me through most of my career. Thinking about that is crazy! Life has changed so much. It barely feels like the same life at all. I do so many different things now each day. Constant change (with little progression, but that’s a story for another day). I switched positions in my current company a couple of times now and it feels like such a long time. And yet… it somehow isn’t.

I work with lots of incredible people every day and in amazing teams. Something that makes me humble and more often a little intimidated to be honest. And while I found a number of good friends over here… This one goes out to the Wolfpack ✊🏻 You‘ll always have a very special place in my heart. More than you can imagine. Thanks again for everything and everyone. I really hope to see many of you way sooner than later. We have a lot to catch up! 10 years to talk about.

I miss all of you and I hope you‘re all doing great (or are back on track to getting there again 🤞🏻)