A Day at the Office

Two weeks and it would be a full year of me working from home. I only went to the office twice to quickly pick something up during that time. Today is the first day since March 12th 2020 that I work from my actual office desk. I had some other business to manage and I figured it won’t hurt to work from there for a day. I had to borrow a monitor because mine is at home now 😉 Even though it’s been so long, it feels like only a couple of weeks passed. The last year is just gone. Like it didn’t really exist. It’s really strange to be back.

I said it before and it won’t change… I love working from home, even with the shortcomings. But there are nice touches of working from the office as well. Free lunch, free coffee… 😉 I think the whole Campus basically being a ghost town helps. Parking garages are mostly occupied by birds now it seems. I think I wouldn’t feel comfortable with more people around. At least not at the moment. I can listen to my music, there’s no noise, no distractions. But there’s also not the casual chat in the hallway or at the coffee machine. I’m here but none of my colleagues. I still didn’t see most of them in a year now. Not even in video calls if we had no direct business.

I’m not sure how often I will be back in my office until that whole pandemic thing is over though. I still feel safer at home and of course there’s my family where I can help a little here and there even during working hours. Being in the office all by myself, while my family is stuck at home with all the chaos that comes with it somehow feels selfish. I have the privilege to work from home and I make use of it as long as I can.

There will be a day where all of this will be normal again. I’m looking forward to that day. But also, many things will be different by then. They already are. I think it’s a good thing but a little „old normal“ would still be very welcome.