The Year of Corona

I just realized that yesterday it was one year ago that the pandemic arrived for me. I did not go to a big concert because the virus arrived from China and started to spread in Germany. It was all over the news, we didn’t know much besides scary pictures out of Wuhan. Of course not the „official“ ones, mind you. Things settled a bit and I did go to another, smaller concert two weeks later, which in today’s world would simply be reckless. I guess I was lucky. Little did we know what’s ahead of us 😔

Today, I feel extremely drained already and sometimes I feel like this is never going to end. The Black Death of our time. Sometimes I think why the heck I even care and torture myself and my family. Then again I get a little more reasonable and try to power through, hoping for it to end some day sooner than later.

Life today is not what we imagined it would be anymore. It sucks. It really does. I’m sorry for my kids. I’m working from home since almost 11 months. I saw my friends at home maybe once or twice this year. Vacations were canceled. We need to make decisions that will cut deep into our financials this year. But we need to weigh that with the health of our smallest and of us all, some of which count to the risk group. But what about our mental health, especially of the kids. It just sucks. Why can’t we live our normal lives anymore. When will this end?