Star Trek: Discovery


I got to see the first couple of minutes of the new Star Trek: Discovery series. I didn’t hear a lot about it up until now, but I also wasn’t really searching for reviews or opinions. I was a huge fan of Star Trek when I was a bit younger. Deep Space Nine will forever be special to me.

I really liked TNG and also Voyager, although I realize that there are some really strange episodes and characters in it. After Deep Space Nine my interest gradually declined. I never was a big fan of the Star Trek movies and I never saw a single episode of Enterprise for example. But this time I’m somehow excited to get something new.

I’m really looking forward to this series! And considering that this is Star Trek, I’m pretty sure it is better that I did not hear anything about it yet 😉 The first couple of minutes were promising to me! The first characters seem interesting, the setting seems to be good and the visuals are amazing. I’m not so sure about the Klingons yet… I guess the costume design was inspired by the Orks of Lord of the Rings. I’m curious how this will develop… The start looks very promising to me!

Fun fact: In Germany the series is aired by Netflix. The funny part is that it is one of those shows promoted as a Netflix Original, but it’s actually not a Netflix show at all. I know they do this often and somehow understand the reasoning behind it, but I think it doesn’t make any sense 😉