We Are the 87%


The result of the election last Sunday was as I expected.

A far-right party is the third strongest party in the parliament now. Roughly 13% voted for them. Funny enough, they are the most successful in the areas with very few foreigners and refugees. I don‘t know why especially these people vote for more nationalism. The area where they are most successful is Saxony. I heard a radio interview, telling that an average kid in Saxony gets about 40 hours of political education during their time in school, starting at an age where many already left school. 40 hours of political education compared to an average of over 200 hours in the rest of Germany. This might not be the single reason, but it sure hints to a huge problem there. Of course there is a general problem in our country and the way some people think, and Germany isn‘t an exception… we see similar things for example in Hungary, Austria, France and of course the UK with its Brexit. It‘s a worldwide problem and it‘s unclear to me where all this will lead us.

I was very angry about those results. A few days passed now, but it’s still the same. And it will take some time to realize what all this means. But I do know that the other 87% in this country can’t sit around and do nothing. We have to show those 13% what a life in our times should look like and tell them that their hate speech and world view is unacceptable. This is not who we are; who we became. This is not what our history, especially as Germans, has told us. We have to fight for our democracy.

One of their (stolen) slogans is: „We are the people!“. Their main candidate after the election said: „We will take our nation and our people back! We will hunt Angela Merkel!“. And they have even more idiots shouting even more stupid things out of their mouths. Let me tell you this: we are not their people and this is not their country. They might try to ruin our country, but they will fail.