Playing with DokuWiki


Giving DokuWiki a shot, trying to get some order back in life as my brain stops working because of sleep deprivation 😉 I tried TiddlyWiki but I’m afraid of the performance there, since everything is in a single webpage. It’s fun to play around with various tools, but still… it’s mostly the integration I‘m missing. It’s still not fun to fiddle around with most open source tools especially when the mobile support is based on their main website.

Maybe I’ll also try the full-blown media wiki just to get some perspective. I guess it would be overkill for my needs though. DokuWiki is really bare to the metal with just the basic Wiki functions. Everything else (Markdown support, tagging…) has to be added through plugins.

I have to remind myself why I’m playing around with such tools. I’m not quite sure a Wiki solves any real problem I have 😉 I‘m just trying to become a little less platform and ecosystem dependent. That’s also a reason why many tools that look interesting are a no-go for me. I want a self-hosted solution where I can get everything in plain old text files if I wanted to. An iOS only app where all my stuff is put on some webserver I don’t trust or even worse requires a Google account to work, doesn’t do it for me anymore.