📚 Permanent Record, by Edward Snowden


I’m not from the US… and this book makes me really, really angry. A huge part of why I need to be afraid of losing my privacy, is a foreign government that feels entitled to spy on the whole world. And for what? It’s just a sad story. This country is run by agencies that ruthlessly think they are the gods of the worlds information. Everyone else on this planet is completely and utterly at their mercy. It’s ridiculous and no country even dares to stand up to that. Now, I know there’s a lot more to the whole problem, but this is a big one.

There’s not much new in this book. But it’s well written by someone who clearly knows what he’s doing and stands up for the rest of us, even if they’re not from the only worthy country that ever existed in history.

If you’re at least a little interested in why we need to be so careful with what we do on the internet and how we do it these days, this book gives insight into the digital world after 9/11. It also helps to understand the person behind this story and why he did what he did.

Edward Snowden sacrificed a whole lot to bring this scandal to the public, and I’m really thankful for that. I’m curious how his story will further develop this year. As far as I understand his time in Russia will come to an end. There are not that many options it seems. So it’s prison for life, because he helped the world, or… what? Other countries should step up and offer asylum. It’s sad nobody dares to do that.

Governments need to realize that they are elected to serve the country. We need more Snowden’s to make them realize what’s at stake by their foolishness and arrogance.