📚 New Dark Age, by James Bridle


Not sure how I like the book in general and how it is written. The message is clear though and I recommend reading it, especially when looking back over the last decade and how things changed during that time. Also a good warning heading into the next decade.

While not very surprising, it provides valuable insight in how we run our world, the internet and especially how we think. We’re running in the wrong direction. It’s a sad and fearful future if we keep letting big data companies like Google or Facebook and agencies like the NSA tell us how to live and influence our lives by collecting ever more data with the promise to provide more transparency and insight, while all they do is creating a fog of uncertainty, lack of knowledge and fear.

To be honest, looking at the world at large these days and the past few years… I’m afraid of the next decade to come. In parts, this book explains why I feel that way.