Late Pet Projects


Well… sometimes putting something on hold for too long has consequences. My stalled pet projects have been sitting around for too long. Others had the same ideas in the meantime. Before starting new development on those apps, I checked the App Store whether there are any new competitors since I last checked. There always were a few that did similar things like I had in mind, but they were all terrible. The situation changed and for each of my ideas there is one app that does exactly what I wanted to build. Even more so, they do it in exactly the same way that I had in mind. So… if I would go on and build what I want, I would basically just create the same apps that already exist and make it look like I just copied them.

Now I need to think about what I should do. Will I create them and use them as my own private tools, or will I finally drop those ideas. I guess the nagging will stop, now that what I wanted is already there. I’m not quite sure yet but there are two sides to this. On one hand it’s frustrating, because those apps could have been my apps. On the other hand, I have free space in my brain for new projects now. I think that’s the way I want to see it. I already deleted all the old cruft of those projects. I can think of new things I would like to try to create and see how realistic they are.

I already have something in mind. It’s probably nothing the public will desperately need, but it will solve a real pain point for me. I think I’ll go for it and dig around for some information on how to do it…

Until someone else has the same idea and beats me again 😉