Creating a Tag-Cloud for


I may or may not be fiddling around with creating my own Hugo theme. I just can’t help it, can I? Creating custom themes is really powerful, and while some features are not accessible at the moment, you can really achieve a lot! I do like the simplicity more than the overly custom Hugo features I used in the past.

I tinkered around with the tag-cloud I created in my own theme for one of my previous sites. It only needed a little bit of tweaking, which was a delightful surprise! Not sure I will end up using it, but it does encourage me to play around a whole lot more now.

It needs a little CSS to wrap things correctly, but this is what a tag-cloud for the categories on your site could look like in the Archie theme:

Screenshot of a tagcloud

The code is quite old and probably out of style. I also don’t know whether or from where I “got the inspiration” for most of it, but it took me some time back then to get this pieced together. If you’re interested, I put the quick and dirty template code and the CSS styles I used on Github. Keep in mind that this was built for my heavily customized theme and I just made it work for as a proof of concept.

I’m being dragged down the rabbit whole now I guess. I hope to get most of my old template over to sooner or later.