WWDC 2016 – Apple is different

At the end of today’s WWDC keynote Apple made it clear again, that all those shiny (useless?) so-called „AI“ features everybody is talking about these days are possible without knowing every single detail about their users. They don’t want to know it and they don’t need to know it. Tell me how great your Google and Amazon boxes are, what they can do to make you even more lazy every day and that you don’t care that they know everything about you and your life and everything you do. You might find all of this useful, but it’s ethically wrong. Seriously… Tell me why I would need any company to know everything about me to switch the lights on or off.

Call me a fanboy, but Apple is different in those regards. One example is the new file system they introduced – which was curiously enough not announced in the keynote of a developer conference – that has encryption built right into it. It’s small things like this that make me feel good about this company and platform. Doubling down on privacy, researching things like activity tracking on the watch for wheelchair users, accessibility in general, making it easy for people to learn programming… There might not be that single „Wow“ gadget and no „one more thing“ this time. But in general the systems improve (with a clear lack of love for the Mac though) and Apple’s attention is directed on more important things like inclusion and diversity. Maybe it would be a good thing for everyone to shut up, slow down, look around and check what’s going on. Apple is in a position where it does not need to come up with yet another amazing gadget every single year. They don’t care what analysts and click-greedy journalists tell them to do. Their views differ from other companies and they take the time to make things right. There is definitely stuff that I think Apple really needs to work on, no argument here. I just like to think of it this way.