NaNoWriMo Day 3

Now I understand why it is hard to get the 50k done in one month. Yesterday everything seemed pretty easy, the words just appeared on the screen. I had an exhausting day at work today, and now I’m kind of tired. I can’t focus on my story, trying to get into the writing flow now by writing this post while I’d much rather would lie on my couch and sleep. On the other hand I really want to know how my story is going to look like. Thinking back it was so much fun yesterday, and I’d love to get back on the high track and spit out another 2500 words to catch up for the first day I missed, but my fingers feel so heavy today. Everyone involved in NaNoWriMo tells you that the most important thing is to just keep going. I think these few lines gave me that kick in the butt to return to my novel…

Be right back!

Oh! Hey! I think my robots might appear today! This sounds promising!

Back to writing…

I seem to be good in writing in 30 minute sessions. After that time I tend to drift away and recognize that it’s time for a break. I came to a point where I need to leave my main characters on hold for a bit and create a decent background story. It seems like now is the time to drive everything into a direction where I initially thought the book will take place. This is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. My characters that drove the story to this point are currently sitting in a comfortable booth at a diner just outside the city. Now it is on me to tell the story that is the root of all their trouble. Where should I start… that’s the situation in which my buddies from earlier jumped in and told the story for me. I guess I need to just keep writing and see how it goes.

Ok… here we go again. See you in a bit!

I started to brainstorm a bit. I love walking around and playing around with a baseball in my hands, throwing it back and forth. This helps me to find some creativity that I always loose by the various distractions on my computer. I got some great ideas that way and start to write down some corner stones in a notes file. These notes are quite usable further on and so I decided to count them into my daily word count. I’ll need to structure them a bit and put them nicely together later though. That will cost me some time I guess but if I set the corner stones right now and figure out what the next part of the story is going to look like, I can catch up enough on the weekend.

But first, back to the planning board!

And all done…. All in all I managed to write a bit more than the daily goal again today! I’m roughly 800 words behind the overall goal for this day, so I was able to make up a bit more for the lost Sunday. And writing these journals also needs some words, so… 😉

My takeaway from this day is that it might be true that it is important to just keep writing. For me, I seem to need some planning and jotting of ideas in between that might seem a little unstructured but give me some more understanding of the story I’m actually writing. Sounds weird, might be weird, but I will see how this method will work out during the next days. For tomorrow at least I have enough material to further work on. Not only for structuring, but also for bringing the story further along.

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