My Medium Experiment

This is my first post I published on Medium to start experimenting with this platform, so the perspective of this piece is a bit different. I cross-post this here, because I still want to be the owner of my stuff. I’m trying to get more attention to the things I write and also write different things. But I’ll explain all this in here, so keep reading!

I was silently hanging around Medium for a while now. I read stuff, I recommended stuff, I followed a few writers and publications and marked some paragraphs. I wanted to get a grip on what this is all about. I read a few really good articles on Medium before, so I knew what Medium was. But I had no idea why there is such a hype about it. I also wanted to know what kind of community this is, so I used different accounts which I used in different ways. Overall it seems to be a really nice place to be. I got pushed away from Twitter for example, because the majority of content I saw there was just angry, aggressive, depressing, stupid or boring. Sure, I got a lot of information in my area of interest from it. But there’s nothing that would not pop up in my RSS feed anyway – at least nothing important. I’m not using it since more than a week now, only skipping through the timeline once or twice a day and I didn’t feel like missing out on anything at all. I’m also slowly and constantly turning away from Facebook because let’s face it: nobody cares! On Medium though, it seems like stuff gets read (once you got some attention). People seem to be very interested, supportive and encouraging. There is really good content on this platform and it is super easy to find new and interesting articles. You can spend the whole day finding new amazing stuff about anything you like!

I started blogging on my own site earlier this year (again). I tried it several times before now over the past few years and unfortunately always stopped after a while for different reasons. But somehow I really felt like I want/need to write from time to time. It’s fun and is different from what I do day in and day out. I wasn’t 100% sure about what I wanted to write. It was apparent that I would write about tech related stuff, but I also wanted to post other things. I wanted to get this started again. I didn’t post regularly, but I managed to publish at least a couple of posts each month. Some were short, some a little longer. Some pieces really meant a lot to me and I poured in quite some time to get my message out there. I know that I am not the best writer as of now, but I think I get better over time and I was hoping to get a little more attention. I linked to my stuff on Twitter and Facebook, sometimes LinkedIn or similar sites. But the number of visitors to my blog was never in an area I wanted it to be. If anything, the numbers are going down.

There are probably a thousand reasons why this is the case and I know there are a bunch of things I could do to try to get more visitors if I want. The thing is… who cares!? There is an incredible amount of content out there on the internet. Anything about everything! Lots of people are not interested in reading things anymore these days. If your post has more characters than what fits in a Tweet, people don’t care. If your article is longer than what’s shown on Facebook before the „more…“-Button comes in, people don’t care. If the link you posted points to your site instead of yet another Buzzfeed „17 things why XYZ“ list, people don’t care. An example: I use IFTTT to cross-post short messages from a „Micropost“ section on my blog to Twitter and Facebook. Those messages include a link to my site, but IFTTT creates masked shortlinks. These posts get read far more often than any other post I publish. There’s no extra content than the short message that is already readable in the Twitter or Facebook message. But it seems like people are far more likely to click these shortlinks than direct links to a site that seems like it has only words on it.

It’s hard to get your words read. It’s even harder to get any feedback.

That’s the reason I wanted to have a look at Medium. It seems like people around here care. It seems like your stuff gets read on this platform. When you write, the ultimate goal is to get people reading your thing and get your message spread. So, after sneaking around and reading other peoples articles, I’m going to extend my experiment and publish a few things on Medium as well. I want to know if it really is easier to reach people here. Maybe there’s even some feedback, who knows? I’ll take it as a learning thing. The minimum I’ll get out of publishing here as well is practice in writing and some fun doing so. I won’t loose anything!

There’s an ongoing discussion about whether one should publish to Medium or not. I’m well aware of the fact that this platform is based on people giving away their content for free. Everything posted here is basically Medium’s content. They can do with it whatever they want. If you want to make a living through writing and publishing this is not the place to be, that’s for sure. I’m also not sure if you can make people remember your name here. Medium is articles, it’s not about the people behind it. It’s really hard to get recognized and get people visit your own site through articles here. But my goal is different. I just want to publish my thoughts and get people to read it. In order to get people to read it, I need to reach as many people as possible. Medium seems to be the perfect place for this. I love reading articles here, maybe other enjoy will enjoy my work as well. As I said: I won’t loose anything.