☞ Recommended: The Talkshow Episode 126

In last weeks episode of The Talkshow, John Gruber and Jason Snell discuss the current state of web advertising and the „Safari is the new IE“ issue. I really recommend this episode… Both share deep knowledge in those areas. Especially Jason Snell can tell lots of stories about what went wrong with advertising at Macworld.

I wish all the tech news sites would listen to this. They really have to come up with new solutions to earn their money. I rarely visit sites like The Verge, Engadget, Mashable or Techcrunch. They are horrible to look at. I do use an ad blocker, not just because I don’t want to be tracked by dubious ad networks. They make the web incredibly slow and distract from the actual content. If those sites were even more cluttered with ads, I would struggle a lot more. Since I blocked Flash and refuse to update it anymore, some content of those sites is completely hidden from me. Too bad! I’m sure I’m missing out on another needless video.

I very much prefer clean sites like Daring Fireball, sixcolors.com or Macstories.net. They also earn their money with ads, but they are clean and respectful to their users. They also provide a better insight in the topics they cover. Major news sites are horrible and compete only through their headlines instead of the quality of their writing.

But not only the ads are screwing up those news pages. The way they are designed is crazy. I have no idea how anyone can find news and information on them. I tried it once more a few days ago and I closed the site immediately. I don’t know where I am supposed to look at! Thousands of different sizes of headlines and images in boxes cluttered all over the page. There is no structure. Instead of leading the visitor to articles and guide them, one gets overwhelmed and directly hit in the face.

It’s one of the longer Talkshows, but really worth the time.