Greetings From the Past

I decided to move over the old posts from my other blog over at I wrote some things there but I never managed to keep it regularly. I updated the links, removed some images from the posts and tagged them. But besides that they are the originals I posted back in the days. If you are interested, you can find those posts here:

You can already recognize from the titles that my old blog did not generate a lot of content. Most of them were mere status updates, but I already found some things in them I might have to follow up on. Especially the last one hit me again. It was a bumpy ride indeed. And it still is…

So, I more or less abandoned the whole project for the time being and pursue other goals now. There are a lot of reasons, personal and professional nature. Maybe I will come back to what I tried to accomplish one or two years ago… but for now there are no real projects and I don’t feel the urge to create something like I had in mind when I started with This blog is currently the only place I want to put my time into. The difference is that I don’t put any pressure on me. It’s a fun thing, and I want it to stay that way.

Still, I wanted to keep the old posts. They document the beginning and the end of a project I once was quite ambitious about. Some projects went quite far, some projects died early, one got released, but all of them were abandoned. Instead of committing myself to yet another thing, I commit my self to kill all the old stuff.

But all this doesn’t matter anymore, it’s history. What matters is that I enjoy writing in this place.