Making it comfy

The title of this blog (at the moment) is Subject to Change. The reason it’s titled that way is because I think it will probably change in the future. As soon as there is a theme to my writing here, I might change it to something that fits better. For the moment I’m quite happy with it.

In the meantime, I made this space a little bit more comfortable. I switched to a different theme that keeps the overall cleanliness and gives me some more options. At the top you can see different categories (Posts, Linked and Microposts). Posts are most likely longer form pieces that took me some time to think about and write. Linked are comments on links that I found interesting. Microposts are short pieces of thought. They are probably too long for Twitter and too important for me to dump them in Facebook. A while back I wrote about being the owner of my own content. I want to move away from Facebook and Twitter. (see here) Sadly my sweet master-solution I’d like to use as a blogging engine is way to hard to build at the moment. I wanted to create a system where this blog combines and integrates some privacy provided by other social networks like Facebook. Having that would make it even more comfy here… maybe I find the time and inspiration to finish it some day. Until then I will happily rely on WordPress to shout some uninteresting thoughts into this big void of an internet out there.