4 Years

A shoutout to all my old friends and colleagues at Option! Or at least what was left of it back then. 4 years ago I had my last day at that company. I worked there for so long… Most if not all I know about software development, I learned there. I met good friends and we had (and sometimes still have) a lot of fun. Sometimes maybe even a bit too much fun 😉 I said it back then, and I still say it today: I’m pretty sure I will never ever find a place with such a great team again! It made me sad to see the location getting shut down maybe a year after I left. Everybody had to search for a new job. It seems I found the right time to move on… Anyways, I’m still very grateful for the time I was able to spend there and still have to thank everyone for everything they taught me during those years.

4 years ago I left that company and moved on to new endeavors. First thing you see here: I learned a whole bunch of buzzwords during this time! New company, new city, new colleagues, new friends. Everything is very different here and times are sometimes a bit more rough. I got to learn what it’s like to be part of a huge corporation. I also learned and still learn a lot of new things. Which is good. I am currently working on stuff and with technologies I could not even remotely imagine me doing some time ago. My transition during those years went from low level hardware access to the most generic user interface stuff one can imagine. Whoever might think that communicating with a USB device is complicated has certainly never seen a few lines of JavaScript.

But… on to the next years! I am curious where this journey will take me in the future.