Security on the Mac in times of the NSA or in other words: Why do you hate me ’Murrica?!

There was a time where no one cared about security issues, viruses and the like on the Mac. Can you imagine that? They basically did not exist! If there were security issues, it was (and still is) related to either Java or Flash 99% of the time.

Things have changed. Still… viruses, malware etc. are basically no problem at all. The problem today is: you have to wonder if that tool you need to work with can be downloaded without being worried that the binary was compromised by the CIA or NSA! Today, you have to be worried that your Mac is seen as a possible terrorist’s working machine.

Not so long ago my workflow looked like this: „I really need that tool to continue working! Let’s download it!“. Done. These times are gone.

Apple introduced a feature some time ago that you can’t execute applications of developers without a valid developer’s certificate. Lot’s of people complained about this. Most of the users are not even aware of it and the ones that get a warning message when executing a downloaded application will just click ‚ok‘ for sure. Anyways, there are ‚certified developers‘ that are supposed to deliver ‚secure‘ software.

These simple, secure times are gone. Everything I download now is a potential risk for me… Even if the tool is developed by a well known developer. If I need to install something and can’t be sure that the software was not compromised, there’s something broken… Is my Mac hijacked by the NSA already because I needed to download a few tools for development? Is it hijacked because the NSA already fucked up the development tools from Apple? Can I submit an app to the app store without having to worry that some backdoor was silently built into it without me having a clue that something like that might be even remotely possible?

America, what the hell is wrong with you?

My american friends, let me explain that to you: It’s not you! It’s the politics of the NSA and USA in general: Spreading fear. That seems to be the only goal! Making each and everyone of your friends an enemy. I am the target! I am supposed to be a terrorist, no matter what! It simply doesn’t matter what I do – I am a security risk to the holy grail that is your established US fear system. But let me tell you this: I did not do anything at all that might harm your fucking country! Why in the name of your god do you treat me and my privacy like shit?

This, my american friends, is why the rest of the world starts to hate your country! From dishwasher to millionaire, your beautiful country, the amazing national parks, the crazy cities, all the things your country is well known for… You have such an amazing country! Everyone loved your country! But… your bonus is almost gone. A lot of the fear, hate and war we see all over the world these days is originated by the violent operations of your country.

Your country is not what it used to be. I’m really sorry to say that! It really makes me sad… but it’s the truth. I think all of my friends in the US see these problems, albeit maybe not so harsh like I write it here. But your country has a huge problem! Your spreading of fear, the mind-bendingly stupid idea to control everyone and everything all the time and all over the world, the idea to be the world’s police and that everyone has to follow your lead, the assumption that everyone only wants to harm your country is just pathetic and sad. You might not imagine it (now you have to be really strong), but there are actually more important things in this world than your sad country! True story! Not everyone is a terrorist! Not everyone wants to hurt you! There is no need for you to scan me, to intrude my privacy and track every fucking thing I do. Your politics are a joke! By writing these lines publicly I have to fear that I am not even allowed to enter your country next time. Can you imagine this? I take that risk. Because actually I don’t like countries that fuck with simple people like me. You are still missing to tell me the difference between you, China, Saudi Arabia or any other country that does not give a fuck about peoples rights. You preach democracy, free speech and what not… But what you actually do is killing people, spying on each and everyone and giving everybody a hard time. Even entering your country is an infuriating, frightening experience! All just because your country lives in fear.

But why? Why is your country so paralyzed by fear? I get that 9/11 was horrible. But how can you scare everyone away who loved you? We loved your country. We were eager to help you! But instead of letting us help, you make everybody a terrorist. That’s just wrong!

What did I do to you? Why do you hate me? I only visited you twice in my life! I am about to visit you again this year! I loved everything I saw when I visited you! So tell me: What did I do to your country that makes you hate me? Why do you need to spy on me? Why do you have to invade my privacy? Why? I just don’t get it.