It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

There are a lot of cool things to try out these days. Ideas for pet projects, services to explore and build something upon, read up on some theoretical things, dive into some new development techniques… you name it.

I can’t remember for how long I switched back and forth on a variety of topics in my spare time. I had the chance to create and try cool things (even if only for me and myself) which were partly built on a knowledge base I built up during my day-job. Then again I got to know great new stuff, tools and techniques doing such side topics and I was able to bring them back into to my daily business. You see, both worlds were kind of connected to and stimulated each other. Admitted, that brought up situations where I was just dead tired, because I did too much of the same stuff all the time, working until late at night and getting up early for work. But in general these were very fortunate times. I really enjoyed doing all these things, were it business or private projects.

But it happens that things change. Companies give out new strategies. Managers and respectively their employees have to jump on a new bandwagon on a perceived weekly basis.

I am currently in such a situation. I have to learn completely new stuff. And with completely new I mean that kind of new that you basically experienced when you sat in the driver seat of a car for the first time in your life. You know that there is a steering wheel, and that there are some pedals that are supposed to somehow make that thing you are sitting in move forward or stop when there is a stop sign ahead. That’s all you know and some guy tells you: “Hey… just drive this monster truck 5000 miles up into the mountains and back down into the desert… you know how to do that… after all you can ride a bike, right? So that shouldn’t be a big problem, right?! Right!?!?”

That said, I have to learn a whole bunch of new stuff. I don’t say that this is a bad thing! Actually it’s stuff I wanted to learn anyways! It was on my ToDo list for quite some time now. But still, I’m questioning myself: Is this what I want to do… All the time?

There’s all that cool stuff out there that I never had a look at yet. There are still all these pet projects I did or did not start. There is new stuff coming out every single day. I don’t even want to think about all those hours of WWDC 2014 videos I am supposed to watch in the mornings and evenings before and after work soon. There won’t be so many topics where I can learn and help work and spare time likewise. It will be very hard to learn everything there is to know to do my job. It will be even harder to learn and take care of all the things on my wish list after work and to at least stay up to date on the topics that interest me. If I don’t keep track of all this, I will be lost very soon in my primary areas. And this won’t be a good thing for neither my spare-time goals nor my day-job goals.

I’ll try to keep up with things around here at least partly as I planned, and as good as I can. At last, I’m sure that this is what will help keeping me ahead of others sooner or later.

Telling from my experience, I will be a very very tired person during an indefinite span of time ahead. I recall a message from a pilot during a flight in the US:

Ladies and gentlemen, please keep your seat-belts fastened. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

We’ll see where this journey will guide me to. Hopefully it will turn out just like that flight did: not as bumpy as expected.