Aaaaaand we’re back!

Great! It’s been almost a year, so let’s try again.

Last time I wrote I was planning on releasing a simple App and building an Xcode Plugin next to creating two client projects and of course my day job. As it turned out, all that was a little too much! The sad part first: I put the Xcode plugin on hold as Xcode 5 was released in the meantime and most of the stuff I had didn’t work anymore. I revisited the plugin some weeks ago and tried a new way of working on it, but at the moment I can’t find enough time to finish it. But I really want that plugin, so that’s still on my ToDo list.

The client projects got more important and I did not have time and power enough to finish my tiny little app, so I put that on hold as well. When I wanted to tackle it again some days ago, I realized that there was quite the same app released on the AppStore just recently for free and well done, so I finally decided to leave it and take on other stuff.

The first client project took me quite some time to build some initial draft versions to show something. Sadly though there were some organizational problems on client side and everything took very long. It’s fair to say, that the client development didn’t even really start up until now. It was just too much to think about, and the fact that it always seemed to be very important but nothing moved forward, it took way too much space in my head. Because this and also other circumstances, I finally decided to dropped that too. I wish them all the best… I will kick myself when those guys get sold to Facebook for 100 fantastillions 😉

“Ooohh man… that guy doesn’t get anything done” you say! Seems legit… but: My second client project went quite well so far! The app is ready since some time and is sitting in the AppStore waiting for me to hit the release button. Some organizational things on client side need to be cleared though. Until it is released – fingers crossed – you have to trust me, that it is not too bad! (And actually finished ;-))

Besides all those seemingly painful things, I tried to level up on some development techniques and tools and tried to catch up on a few things I “unlearnt” during the last three years since I switched my job.  I just recently started working on a new pet project that sits in my head since quite some time now. But the first priority at the moment is to improve some skills and use them in a real project. So I learnt not to announce anything anymore. Let’s do it the Apple way and just release it when it’s done.

Another client project is up on the horizon already. I started a new pet project and my job had and still has some fairly huge surprises recently. I’ll be guest on a new developer Podcast which will make me rich and famous 😉 I’ll take another shot to find some people creating a developer community in the area I live in and I really hope that enough people think that we need something like this around here.

So… the future is bright and maybe just partly a bit cloudy. I’ll nevertheless try to keep it up here and create a habit to post some more here. But as it occurs to me, one year feels like nothing these days.