Hang in there…

A few people were asking me lately: “What’s up with your app? First you announce it and then nothing happens?” So… here’s a short update.

The state of that app I wanted to release is still in “almost finished”. I honestly didn’t have a lot of time during the last few weeks until I started another side project which caught all of my interest for quite a while: Currently I’m working on a plugin for Xcode. If you don’t know what that is… never mind 😉 I try to make developing with Xcode a little bit more convenient. The plugin is (again) almost finished… Building that thing was fun, but it took a lot of time to understand how you get to the things you need and how you can put everything together in the end. If you are using Xcode, you should definitely have a look inside plugin development. You dig very deep inside Xcode internals and learn a lot about how Apple built its development tool. What’s missing for my plugin to be finished is that the code needs some cleanup and it should be thoroughly tested. Therefore I already use it in my work to remove some quirks it still has. Publishing an open source tool that other developers should use is hard. You have to do it right, otherwise you have to live with being publicly ashamed. I think that plugin might come in quite handy for a huge audience, so I should be very careful of what I put out into the wild.

Besides of that plugin thingy I am packed with real work. The current project in my day-job is getting near the end, which basically means a lot of stress every time. Besides that I will start to work on two real projects in my spare time on a freelancing basis. That means building two apps at the same time during evenings, nights and weekends. Sounds like a whole lot of work, and it is. But I am really looking forward to that, because this is what I really want to do at the moment… just build apps. Apps that I want to build, apps that people want to use, apps on a platform I want to work with without feeling the urge to throw that damn laptop out of the Windows (pun intended!).

As you see, I don’t get bored that much. All that’s missing is my teeny tiny little app that I promised (nobody will use it anyways!) and one or two more posts to give this blog a meaning. So… hang in there!