About the time – Why does this take so long?

Here’s another introduction post to give you a little heads up to what you can expect from this blog and the way I plan to work:

Some might wonder what takes me so long to publish an app. Actually I’m asking this myself sometimes. I’m currently working on a very very simple app. I mean… drop dead simple. The reason everything takes a bit longer for me in the beginning is that I want to set up my whole project and development environment first, establish some best practices with this setup and make sure everything runs smooth before I go on to bigger projects. This includes tools used for project management, bug tracking and an automated system that builds apps, distributes it to testers and packages everything for a release. That whole infrastructure is bigger than one might think and there are different (many!) options available for the tools to use. Of course… I know most of these tools, but building a toolchain that handles everything professionally with care needs a little bit more than just knowing that those tools exist. And that’s part of it. It’s not just about hacking together a few lines of code to publish some app. It’s about doing things in a sustainable way, maybe even being able to scale this project up from spare time to full time in future. You never know! Of course it’s also fun to play around with those tools and get everything working the way you want it to. Heck, I have to deal with tools I don’t want to use all day at work… I don’t want to use tools I don’t like at home as well 😉 I will put together a list of tools that I use in a separate post to give you some more insight in how everything works.

Besides the technical side there’s also other stuff to do. I want this blog to finally produce some actual content and you might have seen the Facebook page or the Twitter Account. All of this needs some more love, a logo, maybe I need to play around a little with the layout etc.

And on a side note once more: This is just a ‘little’ project running next to my day job. All of that stuff has to be done during my spare time, often consuming a lot of my sleeping time up to late at night. And as long as I am fiddling around with tools, blogs and other stuff the actual coding part to create the apps comes a bit short. But as mentioned earlier and in my first post, the first very small app is already on its way!

I’m looking forward to finally get things going!