About the name – Why kokodev?

Some of you folks are going ask why this project is called “kokodev”, aren’t you? Well… Since I develop apps for iOS and MacOS I have to use a certain programming framework by Apple. This Framework is called Cocoa (|ˈkōkō|). The german writing of the spoken word Cocoa looks like Koko. I develop things using Cocoa, in Germany, hence the name.

But there’s more to it: There are a few communities that really got me started in developing stuff for iOS and MacOS. There’s CocoaDev, Cocoa Dev Central and of course the official Apple mailing list cocoa-dev. Those are pretty good resources for anything about Cocoa. So, in a way kokodev is a homage to those sites that helped me in the beginning. They got me started a long time ago, now it’s time for me to put all that stuff into some apps!