The Pandemic Mirror

Here in Germany politics, the government, the states, the people, the schools, the companies, the retailers, the bureaucracy… we/they are all looking into a big mirror at the moment. That mirror was a small one a year ago. We could barely see anything in it. That mirror grew over the last year. It became bigger and bigger and we started to see a dark image of ourselves. It’s an ugly mug it shows us ... [Read More]

10 Years

It’s been that long now. 6 years ago I wrote about 4 Years. I was transitioning into a new role and it meant a lot of adjustments for me during that time. And as it happens, it’s again a period of major changes while I write these lines. 10 years ago today was the last day at my old job. Everything in this old post is still true. I still miss these old days ... [Read More]

☞ Serendipitous Juno Detections Shatter Ideas About Zodiacal Light

An instrument aboard the Juno spacecraft serendipitously detected dust particles slamming into the spacecraft during its journey from Earth to Jupiter. The impacts provided important clues to the origin and orbital evolution of the dust, resolving some mysterious variations of the zodiacal light.

I find these things incredibly fascinating! Even more so if they are discovered by accident.

A Day at the Office

Two weeks and it would be a full year of me working from home. I only went to the office twice to quickly pick something up during that time. Today is the first day since March 12th 2020 that I work from my actual office desk. I had some other business to manage and I figured it won’t hurt to work from there for a day. I had to borrow a monitor because mine is at home now 😉 Even though it’s been so long, it feels like only a couple of weeks passed ... [Read More]

Follow-Up: ProtonMail (Bridge)

After switching to ProtonMail for various reasons I finally got the ProtonMail Bridge set up on my Mac. The web app is really fine and I could happily live with that, but I still love to have all my email in MailMate. I don’t know what took me so long… it’s so easy to set up and works great! I already had PGP set up as well, but unfortunately encrypting mails doesn’t work that way with ProtonMail ... [Read More]

The Year of Corona

I just realized that yesterday it was one year ago that the pandemic arrived for me. I did not go to a big concert because the virus arrived from China and started to spread in Germany. It was all over the news, we didn’t know much besides scary pictures out of Wuhan. Of course not the „official“ ones, mind you. Things settled a bit and I did go to another, smaller concert two weeks later, which in today’s world would simply be reckless ... [Read More]

Element of Crime Podcast

Element of Crime, eine meiner absoluten Lieblingsbands, hat seit neuestem einen Podcast! In Narzissen und Kakteen erzählt die Band ihre lange Geschichte: 35 Jahre, 17 Albumveröffentlichungen, über 1000 Konzerte. Im Podcast „Narzissen und Kakteen“ reden die drei ELEMENT-OF-CRIME-Musiker Sven Regener, Richard Pappik und Jakob Ilja über alles, was damit zusammenhängt: Liebe, Drama, Wahnsinn, Studios, Streits, Produzenten, Plattenfirmen, Songschreiben, Sounds, Marketing, Livekonzerte, Tourneen, Venues und vieles mehr. Album für Album gehen sie die Geschichte ihrer Band durch und erzählen vom Rock ‘n‘ Roll im Wandel der Jahrzehnte ... [Read More]

My reMarkable 2 Review

First things first: The reMarkable 2 is an amazing piece of technology. It’s really great to read and especially to write on it. It has some downsides and small annoyances, yes. But in general I definitely love it and enjoy using it every time I pick it up. Now the details… I have my reMarkable since about two months now. I didn’t use it as much as I would have liked, but that’s my life’s problem and none of the device ... [Read More]

☞ Textgenerator GPT-3: Wenn du denkst, er denkt, dann denkst du nur, er denkt

Künstliche Intelligenz birgt große Chancen und vielleicht auch Gefahren. Die Philosophie dahinter ist grundlegend wichtig für die weitere Entwicklung. Die KI warnt uns davor, von uns missbraucht zu werden. Sie hat also einen Willen – uns zu warnen – und ist zugleich willenlos ihrer Programmierung ausgesetzt. Textgenerator GPT-3: Wenn du denkst, er denkt, dann denkst du nur, er denkt | ZEIT Online Es wird viel Interessantes und Sinnvolles dazu geschrieben derzeit und auch Gremien zur Ethik in der KI-Entwicklung bemühen sich gewisse Grundsätze festzulegen und zu kommunizieren ... [Read More]